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Celebrating Hope and Progress: Harrison’s Fund Secures a £40,000 Award for Chrysalis Grants

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with you all! Harrison’s Fund has just been awarded a £40,000 grant to support our pioneering Chrysalis Grants initiative. This generous funding is not just a financial boost; it’s a lifeline that promises to transform lives and nurture brighter futures despite Duchenne.



At Harrison’s Fund, we strive to bring hope in the Duchenne Mental Health community, providing essential support to those in need offering solace, strength, and a sense of community. The Chrysalis Grants, our flagship initiative, epitomize this commitment. These grants are designed to support individuals and families affected by mental health challenges, providing the resources necessary to facilitate real and lasting change.


Transforming Lives


With this £40,000 grant, we can extend our reach, offering more Chrysalis Grants to those who need them the most. This means more families will receive the financial aid required to access therapy. For many, this support can be the difference between struggling in silence and stepping into a brighter, healthier future.


We know the relief of a parent who can now afford specialised therapy for their child or the joy of someone who can finally attend a life-changing mental health workshop. These are not just hopeful imaginings; they are the real, tangible outcomes that this grant will make possible.


Building Stronger Communities


Just like Duchenne, mental health doesn’t exist in a vacuum. When individuals are supported and empowered, entire communities benefit. The ripple effect of the Chrysalis Grants will extend far beyond the immediate recipients. Families will become more resilient, friendships will strengthen, and workplaces will become more supportive environments. By fostering individual well-being, we are building the foundation for healthier, happier communities.


A Network of Support


Our invaluable partnerships with consultants and care nurses in NHS neuromuscular departments help us identify and reach out to those in need of support, ensuring that our resources are directed where they are most needed. This collaboration enhances our ability to make a meaningful impact and supports a comprehensive approach to mental health care.


Looking Ahead


With this £40,000 grant, the future looks brighter than ever for Harrison’s Fund and the lives we touch. We are now poised to expand our impact, reaching more people and providing even greater support. As we celebrate this milestone, it’s also an opportunity to look ahead with optimism and determination. There is still much work to be done, but with every grant, every act of kindness, and every step forward, we are moving closer to a world where mental health is nurtured and cherished.


Join the Celebration


Whether you’re a supporter, a recipient, or simply someone who believes in the cause, this is a victory for all of us. Together, we can continue to champion mental health in our community, spread awareness, and support initiatives like the Chrysalis Grants.

Here’s to hope, progress, and the transformative power of community!


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